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Sunflower Oil Production Line

We can provide sunflower oil production line, includes press,extraction and refining equipment.

Production Capacity: 30-1000TPD

Sunflower Seed Pretreatment: 

magnetic separator, cleaning sieve, stone removing machine, peeling and kernel separation equipment, embryo rolling machine, steaming and frying pan

Sunflower Seed Press: 

After pretreatment, sunflower seeds will be transported into a sunflower oil press for squeezing to obtain sunflower oil.

Sunflower Seed Oil Solvent Extraction:

1. sunflower seeds cake → Solvent Extraction → Wet meal desolventizing → Cooling → Product meal packing

2. Solvent Extraction → Miscella → Filter → Negative pressure evaporation → Crude oil Solvent

3. Negative pressure evaporation → recovery

Sunflower Oil Refining:

Degumming: using hydration degumming to remove peptic impurities;

Deacidification: using chemical or physical methods to remove free fatty acids;

Decolorization: usinh the adsorption of white clay to remove the pigment in the oil and improve the color of the oil;

Deodorization: using the difference in the volatility of oil and odor substances to remove odor substances;

Dewaxing: It mainly adopts freezing, crystallization or winterization crystallization to remove wax fat in oil by fractional distillation.

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