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Cottonseed Oil Production Line

Cottonseed oil content is 16%-27%.For cotton seed, our company supply mechanical pressing line and Solvent extraction process line according to customer production capacity.

Production Capacity: 30-3000TPD

Pre-treatment and Pre-press

Cottenseed → Metering→Winnowing → Husking→Flaking→cooking→Pressing→Cake


The shell of cottonseed is very solid, removing the shell is the first step before extracting oil protein.

Kernel husk separator

It is mixture after shelling of cotten seed.The mixture includes full oil seed without any crushing,seed shelled and husk,all the mixture must be separated.


Flaking means a certainty granularity of soy lamella was prepared for flaked of about 0.3 mm, the oil of raw material can be extracted in the shortest time and maximum, and residual oil was less than 1%.


This process is heating and cooking for rapeseed which is easy to separate of oil and can provide the oil quantity from prepress machine.It is easy to operate and have long life

Mechanical Pressing Line

Our company screw oil press is big scale continuous press equipment, can produce cotton seed, rapeseed, caster seed, sunflower, peanut and so on

Solvent Extraction Process

According to solvent extraction, can get high oil yield. Big volume extractor design, high process capacity, high benefit and low cost. Special solvent vapor recycling system, keep clean production environment and high efficiency. Energy reusing and low energy consumption.

Cottonseed Oil Refinery

According to customer needs, we can supply continuous refining  and semi-continuous refining equipment include degumming, deacidification, decolorization, bleaching and deodorization.

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