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Flaxseed oil production line

The production of flaxseed oil includes cold pressing, hot pressing and extraction processes. Our company equipment adopts physical cold pressing, which can well retain the taste and nutrients of linseed oil.

Production Capacity: 1-2000TPD

Preparation process of flaxseed cold-pressed oil

Harvesting and screening of flaxseed →flaxseed →cleaning impurities → hulling →crushing →low-temperature pressing →squeezing linseed crude oil →rough filtration →fine filtration →low-temperature crystallization and crystallization →low-temperature filtration →cold-pressing linseed oil

Process characteristics of flaxseed cold pressing method:

1. Avoid the harmful substances caused by the degradation of fats and sugars and the denaturation of proteins in high-temperature pressing.

2. It avoids the darkening of flaxseed oil caused by high temperature and the appearance of mushy smell.

3. After multiple filtration, the direct contact of chemical substances with active ingredients and secondary pollution caused by the sulfuric acid degumming, caustic soda deacidification and activated clay decolorization process in the hot pressing process is avoided.

4. Avoid high-temperature distillation and deodorization, effectively preventing the high temperature from destroying the polyunsaturated fatty acid-α-linolenic acid in flaxseed oil, effectively retaining the natural and complete nutrients, and making it easier for the human body to absorb and supplement.

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