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Rice bran oil production line

Rice bran is a by-product of rice processing. The oil content varies with different varieties and the number of inclusions in the rice bran, usually 12%-20%.

Production Capacity: 30-2000TPD

Pretreatment process: rice bran → magnetic separation → bran and rice separation → softening and tempering → rice bran puffing → drying and cooling → sending to the extraction workshop → puffed rice bran → oil extraction → mixed oil treatment → crude oil

Exctraction equipment: exctraction system, wet meal steaming system, evaporation system and condensation system.

Process flow of rice bran oil refining:

Rice bran crude oil → phosphoric acid degumming → washing and drying → dewaxing → decolorization → physical deacidification and deodorization → degreasing → refined oil

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