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Rapeseed oil production line

Rapeseed (canola) oil product line, hot or cold pressing line, pretreatment section, solvent extraction section, refinery, oil dewaxing section

Production Capacity: 30-1000TPD

Rapeseed pretreatment:

includes cleaning, embryo rolling and steaming.
Pretreatment can remove impurities such as sand, iron filings, stones, fibers and other impurities in the rapeseed, and adjust the temperature, humidity and internal structure of the rapeseed to make the rapeseed pressing process more smoothly.

Extraction equipment:

The rapeseed oil extraction system uses the principle of mutual dissolution of solvent and oil to extract rapeseed oil from rapeseed cake.

The wet meal desolventization removes the solvent in the wet meal to obtain dry meal, which can be used to make animal feed.

The mixed oil treatment system removes the solvent in the rapeseed oil to obtain a relatively pure rapeseed oil.

The solvent recovery system recovers the solvents removed by the above two systems and reuses them.

Refining: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization.

(1-10 tons/day intermittent refining, 10-50 tons/day semi-continuous refining, 30 tons/day full continuous refining)

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