Rapeseed Oil Press Machine

This Rapeseed oil press machine are modern products developed and improved newly. It changed the disadvantages of traditional refinery workshop, such as simple equipment, operational complexity, high energy consumption and low oil yield. The oil press machine has the features of modern design, stable and reliable performance, simple operation, and convenient maintenance and repair.

Why choose our oil press?
  1. Wide application: ideal machine for pressing various oil seeds, such as rapeseed, peanut, soybean, sesame, etc.
  2. High oil yield.
  3.  Low residual.
  4.  Little land occupancy.
High Quality is our Promise; Being Trustful is our Responsibility.
Our factory have about 30 years' experience in manufacturing small oil press. The quality of our products are guaranteed and tested
1) The quality guarantee is 12 months after installation and commissioning.
2) When we deliver the oil press machine with an instruction manual in both in English and Chinese to make sure our customer can operate the machine correctly. In the manual,we list some common breakdowns and solutions in the processing of the operation.
3) Within the 1 year warranty,if the machine have problems that are caused by impersonal factors, we provide accessories for free and guide our customer to maintain.