Palm Oil Mill Screw Press

Introduction of palm oil mill screw press 
1.The WSHH-1 small special palm oil press made by our factory is suitable for small farm about 3-15 hectares, or self-employed businessmen who process the incoming materials.
2.The raw material of red oil is getting from unbroken palm fruit (Weight is 10-20kg). After thermophilic digestion, palm berry fruits are separated from the unbroken fruit. After heating ,put the palm berry fruit into H.H-1 palm dedicated oil press, the kernel, fibre, and the red oil mixture including water ,slag can be produced. After separating, can get pure red palm oil.
3.The kernel can be pressed into oil by screw oil press after breaking.
Features of palm oil mill screw press
1.Special for pressing palm oil. put the palm fruit in , with the kernel staying unbroken, press oil from palm fruit meat. the kernel can be pressed too.
2. This oil press is economical and practical, fast recovery, very popular with client in Africa and South America.
3.This oil press is only for palm, high oil yield, over than 30%.

Parameters of palm oil mill screw press

Handing capacity Matched power Speed of main shaft Digestion time Weight of whole machine Packing dimension
300-500kg/h Diesel engine:6HP
25-35r/min 2h(100°C steam or water) 260kg 1.4*0.6*0.6(m)