Palm Oil Refining Machine

CE Certificate Issued Palm Oil Refining Machine

1. Acid reaction process

Oil temperature can be adjusted by screw plate heat exchanger. When the temperature is heated to about 80℃, mixing about 85% food grade phosphoric acid into acid reaction tank for reacting.

2. Neutralization process

In neutralization section, adding alkali liquor with appropriate concentration into the degummed oil which have proper temperature, then degummed oil enters into the centrifugal mixer for mixing.

3. Washing process

Neutralized oil come from neutralization separator, still contains about 500 ppm soap. During the washing, hot water will absorb the soap and other impurities in oil, then soap and impurities are separated in washing separator.

4. Vacuum drying section

The neutralization and washing oil come from the washing separator still contains some water which is adverse to the oil stability.

5. Bleaching process

The main purpose of this process is to remove the pigments in crude palm oil and the residual soap in the neutralization oil. .

6. Filteration

Miscella mixed by oil and clay from bleaching tower is pumped into decolorizing filter, then enters into fine filter, in which clay and fixed impurities are blocked.

7. Deodorization process

Deodorization process aims to remove the FFA and low molecular compounds in bleached oil. Entering into the deodorization process, the flow of bleached oil is controlled by a flow controller, and the oil is heated to250-260℃ through a series of heat exchanger, then the temperature can reach to the condition of deodorizing.

8. Dewaxing process

Bleached palm oil enter into crystallizing tank through heat exchanger and begin the cooling crystallization proces,this process is controlled by the computer through the parameters preestablished,the computer controls temperature of circulating water in the frozen coil to comand cooling speed of the oil,thereby receive the best crystal result.

Craft features of palm oil refinery plant and oil refining machine and palm oil refinery :

1,Adopting negative pressure evaporation can ensure excellent palm oil quality;

2,extraction system is highly adaptable,and can adapt to different oilseeds;

3,unique exhaust gas absorption systems ensure good absorption effect;

4,full energy-saving design utilize heat energy for many times and saves steam consumption.