Main Equipment in Castor Oil Processing Line

  • 2016-09-24 11:20
  • By: admin

  Cleaning machine

  The sieve machine was applied to remove the shoulder stone and earth, and magnetic separation equipment without power and exhaust system were used to remove iron.


  Castor seeds should be better removed the husk, which may influence the oil extraction rate.


  By using the crusher, the soybean can be breaken into tiny pieces, and the it good for machine, then it can has a long using life.


  By using a flaker to make the bean pieces into suitable fakes

  Cooking machine

  After being cooked, it adjust the temputure and moisture, the oil can come out easier and much more oil will come out from seeds.

  Prepress machine

  The sunflower seed is with high oil yield, before being solvent extracted, it should be prepressed, to get some crude oil first, then solvent extract the cake.

  Solvent extraction

  the caster cake which has an oil yield of 15% around. The cake shall be solvent extracted to extract the oil thorough. During this passage, the solvent will also be recycled.

  Oil refining machine

  it is better to remove the gum, fatty acid, odor, bad color, and wax out from the crude oil. You can get high quality oil, then sell it on high price