Rotocel extractor

1) Processing Capacity: 30~100TPD
  2) Processing Flow:  please see below flow chart
  3) Application Range: various oil seeds, cake
  4) Processing Feature
         (1) High oil yield, low residual oil of meal
         (2) High quality meal, improve meal's nutrition and use value, the meal can be directly used for food or additives
         (3) Low processing cost
         (4) High level of automation
         (5) Good environmental conditions
         (6) Adopt negative pressure evaporation, production at low temperature,Oil quality good
         (7) Extraction system with very strong adaptability, can adapt for different materials for production
         (8) The unique tail gas recycle system, ensure safe production and source recycle
         (9) Sufficient energy saving design, many times of heat energy using, save steam consumption