Deodorization Section

Gas substances from the dewaxing oil from the winterization section will enter the deodorization section to remove the free fatty acids and unpleasant gas. All of this will be removed under the high vacuum circumsatnces by the deodorization tower. Using the to remove these substances by steam under high vacuum conditions. The removed fatty acid will be collected by the fatty acid trap and pumped into the receiving tank, this later will be used as vice products.
In order to save energy, the decolored oil will firstly heat ex-changed with the deodorization oil by heat ex-changer, and then heated to the deodorization temperature of about 235-236℃ by high pressure steam.
The water ring vacuum pump was adopted in the deodorization section vacuum system, the extracted odor in deodorizing vacuum will be trapped by the circulating water, thus to eliminate the odor pollution in deodorizing section.